At the Cable Car Museum

Another rainy day in SF! A good time to do the Railway Museum and the Cable Car Museum. Note that the cable car has been invented in SF in the 1880s and is now the last in operation. Out of the 23 lines, only 3 remain. The system had been badly devastated by the 1906 earthquake and quickly made obsolete by the streetcars and trolley buses. By the way, the fire in downtown area after the massive 1906 earthquake burnt all of the city center during 3 days, 490 blocks gone! The water system was broken in the center so they couldn’t extinguish it. The cable car system is now mainly used by tourists. It’s the same for the streetcars, the city imports old trams from the 50s from other cities like Milan, Los Angeles or San Diego, attracting more tourists than locals. San Francisco is now one of the only cities who managed to save a bit of history with these old rail systems, for everyone to enjoy.