In a missile silo

South of Tuscon is a cold war relic: a Titan II missile preserved in its silo. When the USA signed to destroy all its silos and missiles the USSR agreed for them to preserve one as educational and historical purpose. This is all that remains of the 54 Titan II missile sites that were on alert across the United States from 1963 to 1987. The base is now open for visits and past employees of the silo volunteer to give the tour. Our guide was a computer engineer at the time, and like everyone else in all silos, he waited for something that no one wanted to happen, and thankfully, it didn’t. 

Able to launch from its underground silo in just 58 seconds, the Titan II was capable of delivering a 9-megaton nuclear warhead to targets more than 6300 miles (10,000 km) away in about 30 minutes. (

In the afternoon we drove up to Phoenix, east of the city in a ghost town called Goldfield, we were lucky to dive in the typical country lifestyle in the saloon there. Locals including cowboys come to chat around some beers and to listen/dance to some country music. It was a real experience!