Driving to Northern Arizona

The drive from Phoenix to Flagstaff was nothing short of amazing, Jerome and Sedona are the highlights of this trip justifying my favorite mode of travel: the road trip.

Jerome is a ghost town, sitting on a gigantic source of copper. Up to 15000 people lived there when the mine was operating in the 20s. Several fires and the decreasing demand for copper saw the death of the city. As low as 50 people remained, most of the buildings fell of the sloppes. Today 450 habitants work to preserve this piece of Arizonian history for tourists.

The second highlight, Sedona, is not about the city itself but its surroundings: the red rocks dominating the city.

The final stop of the day, Flagstaff, had the feel of a ski village: outdoor shops, cool pubs and wine bars and good coffee shops in an old quarter setting.