In Houston

I’m not too sure what to do in Houston, it’s not in my guidebooks! So we head to downtown, and it’s a nice area, a blend of old and new buildings. It’s clean and not unpleasant to walk around. We hit Main Street around noon and all the suits are out for lunchtime. Mid afternoon we head to the pharmacy for my hep A booster shot, a whooping $114, but now I’m sorted for life with this one.
We all know “Houston, we have a problem”, the space center is South East of the city, but we’ve done some space and rockets museums before, and we plan on seeing a rocket launch in cape Canaveral (fingers crossed). Instead we go to the Kemah boardwalk in Trinity bay, south east of the city. It’s quiet there, we’re Tuesday and holidays are over, which means no line at the rides! The boardwalk is mainly a little amusement park, and they have a beautiful wooden rollercoaster reminding me of the “Tonnere de Zeus” in Parc Astérix. I have to convince Ben to do it, he’s never been on a roller coaster even though he comes from the Gold Coast, the theme park capital of Australia. He had to convince me to do the tubes in San Marcos (I’m scared of water), so he goes for it and it was really fun for both of us!