In New Orleans: National WWII museum

Our dear Sully is due for a service, we spend some time trying to find a mechanic willing to do it in the morning. Turns out most of them don’t want to bother with an old vehicle, it would be time wasted trying to find parts if needed. But we find one, book for the next day and start driving to the city under a raging thunderstorm. A puppy ran in the middle of a busy intersection closely escaping death in the middle of cars and trucks. He quickly poops in the middle lane before going on the road again. I parked on the side and Ben grabbed it. The puppy was completely shaken, he probably panicked because of the thunder. We take her to a vet but she has no chip, so we drive to the city’s shelter and leave her there. Fingers crossed her owners find her. Now the van smells like wet dog!

At the National World War II museum the line to the tickets is never-ending. The rain explains, but also the fact that it’s one of the best museums in the USA. And it truly is, the gallery are immersive and well written. The signage is flawless and videos tells stories in every corner. The visitors are following chronologically‚Äč the involvement of the US in WWII. If you wonder why the museum is in New Orleans, it’s because the city was manufacturing the shallow boats used for D-Day in Normandy and more.