Under the rain in Miami

It’s rainy in the sunshine state today. Instead of continuing in the Everglades we chose to be in the city, in Miami. In Little Havana the Cuban community keeps the traditions alive since the 60s when most immigrated here. The shops on Calle Ocho sell cigars to the tourists, they are hand-made on the spot and we can watch them work at the back. Of course there’s Cuban foods and drinks around, but the best thing to do is watching the old generation at Maximo Gomez park. Also called domino park, it’s where they gather around a game of Cuban dominos. They seem serious about it, some chew tobacco while they play, others watch the “battles” unraveling.

In downtown Miami we struggle to find a place to park. Then we take a walk by the bay. The Bayside mall gives us a shelter from the rain. At this moment I realise it’s Sunday and I wish I could be on the couch playing videogames. So we head to Starbucks, I lost all my text I prepared for the blog last time, so I have to redo it.