In the springs

Taking a break from the coastline and the typical Florida sights we head inland to Ocala National Forest. There’s a few springs to explore. We plan on doing three, starting by Alexander Spring. When arriving there we’re asked to pay $5.50 pp to enter the recreation area. We didn’t plan on this spend so we end up doing only this spring. It’s been rainy in the morning and really windy after that so I’m not too keen on going in the water! The temperature is 22° all year round, just fine enough for my feet. The area is pretty quiet, few kids having fun in the water, some people going on canoe trips… It’s relaxing. We also get a warm shower and drinking water included.
Today is Cinco de mayo so we go to to a Mexican restaurant to celebrate. Somehow we thought it was the Mexican day of the dead, but no. On Cinco de mayo they celebrate their victory over the French back in 1862 when Napoleon III was trying to establish his Mexican empire. So I’m celebrating our defeat… But I don’t care, the food is so good!