Making it to the corner of the USA

Salem is famous for the witch trials when in 1692 the religious community accused 200 people of witchcraft and executed 20 of them. But Salem has more to its history, it was a major port in the world trade before being eclipsed by Boston and NY, it then became one of the largest shoe and textile manufacturing place in the world. Today it’s relying on the tourism the witch trials bring.

Further north we leave Massachusetts for New Hampshire where Portsmouth is the third oldest town in the US. Founded in 1623, it has a similar history as Salem (except for the witch trials).

We make it to the most opposite state to California: Maine. Portland is another old port town, it’s filled with micro-breweries, so we get a beer after a quick stop at the lighthouse.

Next day we get an estimate to repair Sully’s back bumper: it needs to be fully replaced, pulling the dent back would crack the chrome. Also, it’s old, so finding the part is going to be a challenge. But first we’ll see if the insurance approves the estimate.

We have one last stop on our drive to Acadia: Boothbay Harbor. When we arrive there the fishing village is in the fog, giving it a really quiet atmosphere. The town is really quaint and the drive after is nice, we’re back in the country! Entering Maine after traveling the big cities of the East coast feels like getting in the backyard of a big overcrowded house.

We also get a reminder that Canada is at the doorstep: Moses, curling clubs, poutine on the pub menus, kilometers on the road signs… it’s exciting!