Crossing to Canada

Today is the day, yesterday we drove from Acadia to the center of the Eastern Canadian border, now is time to cross it. We were planning on making it across last night but when I called the insurance to notify them of our change of country they told us that we needed a special insurance ID. This ID is mailed to us, in California… The other option to have it quickly is to get it faxed. So they put a rush request in our file and said the document would be ready in 2 to 4 hours. 24 hours later and after contacting them 4 times the ID is finally ready. But it’s now 5.30pm, and we can’t find a place open to receive the fax. Oh well, let’s just try and cross the border without it! At the border, Canadian customs take our passports and search the whole van with a dog, getting things out and leaving labrador’s hair in. They ask us all the usual questions but don’t even ask for the van registration. We’re cleared from the search and they stamp our passports. We’re in!