In the streets of Québec City

Strolling the old streets of Quebec City feels like being in Europe. The area was settled by french Samuel Champlain in 1608 after being explored by Jacques Cartier in 1534. It was an important trading post, mainly sending fur to France. Quebec remained a French colony until being attacked by the British. Britain launched a massive campaign to conquer the french colonies in 1754. By 1758 Quebec City was surrounded by the red coats. They attacked the heart of New France in 1759, Quebec surrendered in September. A year later, the general surrender of Canada ended the war and the area became officially English with the treaty of Paris in 1763.
“Quebec” means “where the river suddenly narrows” in native language. The only fortified city in North America is listed as a world heritage. Dominating it, the Chateau Frontenac is the most photographed hotel in the world.