In Grand Teton National Park

I’m not sure where the name is coming from but the “big nipple” National Park is a stunner. At first it seems small and the lakes can’t compete with the ones from the Canadian Rockies, but the Teton range is a beauty. It probably is the most beautiful mountain range in the US. It pops out in the middle of the flat plains of Idaho and Wyoming, and just like that the impressive and rocky Grand Teton peak go as high as 4197 meters, making a crazy contrast with the golden fields around. Wherever we stand in the Eastern plains we get a fabulous view on the range, lit up at sunrise or on a pink background at sunset. The park is home to grizzlies, moose, elk, pikas… we’ve tried again but didn’t see any grizzly!

South of the park the city of Jackson is a mix of Western atmosphere and ski resort attitude. The National Museum of Wildlife Art is a gem, everything I like in one place. Some pieces are set up to understand the evolution of wildlife art, others aim to raise awareness on animal trade and species extinction. Needless to say… I loved it!