In Arches National Park

Sooooo we went back to the mechanic to fix the leak, our mechanic Jeff and his transmission guy worked on it all Monday and at the end of the day Jeff comes with the news: reverse doesn’t work now. He plans to work on it and it might last until midnight, so he puts us in a hotel. Next day he finishes putting the transmission back for the third time and we’re finally off! 12 days in Grand Junction, we thought it was never gonna end.

We drive West, to Utah, and to the first of the “Mighty Five” National Parks of the state: Arches. It feels incredibly good to be back on the road and especially back in Utah. Utah was a highlight at the beginning of the trip with Monument Valley and Valley of the Gods. Arches don’t disappoint. We race to do the park in half a day, stopping at the view points and doing the short walks. The landscape is breathtaking, a mix of monuments, spires, petrified dunes, mountains in the background and of course arches (about 2000). The Delicate Arch is a free standing arch and the symbol of Utah, it’s on their cars number plates and all the touristic brochures. Because of road works in the park it closes at 7, we make it out just in time, it was short but sweet!