In Olympic National Park

After driving through Kurt Cobain’s hometown (Aberdeen) we start our visit of Olympic National Park. We’re in the North-West of the US, just south of Vancouver. The park is on the Olympia peninsula and includes mountains, forests and beaches. Mount Olympus culminates at 2432m in the middle of it. The west side of the park collects clouds and rain, creating beautiful rainforests with record trees: world’s largest Spruce tree, Western Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Mountain Hemlock. Hoh rainforest and its Hall of Mosses stuns with unreal vegetation. We keep driving around the peninsula (and it’s a lot of driving), through Forks, the town where the Twilight saga is set, Lake Crescent and up Hurricane Ridge. We stay at 7 Cedars casino that gives us free electricity and hosts a comedy show that night. The two stand-up comedians where watched by us and only 8 others, awkward. Port Townsend, in the Eastern corner if the peninsula, was aiming to be the New York City of the west at the end if the 19th century. It didn’t happen but the beautiful Victorian buildings attest of this ambition. We now drive back to Olympia (the state capital), stopping at a lookout atop a mountain and in the clouds, and at a local diner in Brinnon with tasty homemade sweet pies.

In Olympia we get our fridge issue diagnosed but not repaired. The likely failing power supply unit is not available anymore, the fridge is too old. Because it still works on shore power we decide to leave it as is, an RV fridge like this is almost one grand to buy… We also look at fixing all our cabinetry, the door latches are broken. We enquire about renting tools at The Home Depot but the employee there is a Christian who helps the community a lot and he tells us to drop by his house to use is tools. We do so and are lucky we could, because we needed more than just a drill. We traveled the whole trip with broken latches and finally have it all as new thanks to him!