In Louisiana

“Bienvenue en Louisiane” shows the sign as we enter the Cajun and Creole country. This is an awkward drive from Galveston on, a mix of beautiful wetlands and oil rigs and refineries. We stop at Sabine’s national wildlife refuge to do some birding. It’s hot in the middle of the day so pretty quiet. In a swamp an alligator mom is sleeping with about 12 babies around her. This is a synonym that we entered the South East to me. And it shows as we drive the interstate to Lafayette -there’s a lot of traffic. With the green and flat landscape, it’s a massive change from the West, and a new chapter on the trip.
Lafayette has a population of about 125000 and apparently a lot happening for a city this size. It’s Louisiana, live music and food are the main religions. First we try Borden’s ice cream, a 1940’s shop and a local’s favorite. Then we head to the Blue Moon saloon on the other side of the road. It’s a guesthouse with a bar and a stage on the back porch. We pay a small fee to see two really good bands of young guys from here and Virginia. There’s only between 20 and 30 people watching, but a great atmosphere.