In Nashville

We arrive in the capital of Tennessee on the Saturday night. The city center is packed. Seems like everyone is having a hens night, they’re all drunk at 6pm already. The style of the crowd is…. American. Cowboy boots on, short dresses for the girls and jeans for the guys, some have their hat on, some have cut the sleeves of their “lumberjack” shirt. Every joint is playing country music live, it’s called a honky tonk. In the honky tonk a the crowd knows all the lyrics and dances on the wooden floor in front of the stage. We went to Tootsie’s, a famous one that has three different stages over three levels and a big deck to do some people watching outside. On the street the traffic is heavy, and it seems like Nashville specialty are the dancing/drinking vehicles. Extended ute, open bus, tractor with a trailer… They all have been converted as moving dancefloors. They just go around the block in the permanent traffic jam of the city center. There’s also the pedal taverns: people sit along a table and pedal through the street. They sing along to the loud music and drink while exercising. Some made a rule to drink everytime the cart has to stop… Add to this the got temperatures on the road and you get some really drunk people. And it’s the same story on Saturday night and on Sunday all day!
There’s two main museums in Nashville: the country hall of fame (but we don’t know a thing about country) and the musicians hall of fame (but it’s closed on Sundays). Instead we go East to the Edgar Evins state park, where all campsites are a perched a wooden deck!