Around Fort Myers

Sanibel island is West of Fort Myers and is known for its beautiful beach covered with shells from the Gulf of Mexico. We arrive early enough to get a spot on the parking and on the beach.
We head to Starbucks in the afternoon to wait for the temperature to cool down before doing a nature trail. At the same time we check the news about the wildfire just next door. It’s out of control and the Golden Gate area is under mandatory evacuation. We can see the big cloud of smoke and the cars covered in ash.
When we decided to wait to do the trail it was not only because of the temperature but also because birds get active at dawn. Unfortunately Corkscrew swamp sanctuary, recommend by a friend, already closed when we rock up there. Thanks to Google we find the Bird rookery swamp trail. It’s in the same forest, it’s open and free, and it allowed us to see Alligators, Hawks, Owls and many other birds.