In the Everglades North

I’ve been imagining the Everglades for a long time, visualising us renting a canoe to see alligators and water birds, but the weather is rainy today. Instead we choose to tick something else off the bucket list: the air boat. We’re doing typical tourist stuff and we end up not feeling so good about it. Yes it’s fun and it goes through the maze of mangroves. We saw a dolphins and racoons. But it’s noisy and polluting. Included with it was an alligator encounter, we could touch then and carry a baby one. The guy taking care of them was really passionate. We he was scratching the alligators head they were closing their eyes, they looked in bliss. This made me feel a bit better about it. He said they’re the animals that live the best in captivity, ending up outliving the wild ones. After this typical tourist interlude we head to the east and take a scenic drive through Cypress national preserve allowing us to see heaps of alligators, turtles, birds and a snake.
In Shark Valley, North East of the park, we rent a bike. It’s a 15 miles loop, but we need to give the bikes back at 5pm, leaving us just an hour and a half of cycling. But again, we saw plenty of alligators and it was really enjoyable as the temperature was lower.