West of Tampa

Caladesi island is a preserved piece of paradise west of Tampa. In 1921 it got split in two, forming the island of today, and Honeymoon island North of it. We park on Honeymoon island and take a ferry to Caladesi. But we later discover it would be accessible by foot thanks to another hurricane which created a natural bridge in 1985. Once there we do a trail through the Palmettos before reaching the beach. After an hour walking in the heat we get in the turquoise water with that kind of first-day-of-holiday smile on our faces. The beach has been voted the best of the country back in 2008.

In the afternoon we go to John’s pass for some food. The area is a made up tourist village filled with shops. It’s the occasion for us to try the food at the controversial Hooters restaurant. The chain, born here, is known for its waitresses in skinny tops and short shorts. Food was just ok.

Being west of the Florida peninsula we plan to find a good spot to watch the sunset. Anna Maria it is. The island is a laid-back town with a stunning beach. The sand is white and as thin as flour. We’re not the only ones enjoying it, and we all get the treat of a gorgeous sunset.