Selling Sullivan

After setting our price to $14900 and posting the ad on craigslist Seattle + San Francisco, Carguru, Facebook marketplace, and Instagram we got some interest. Someone in Hawaii visiting Portland often wanted to see it on his next visit three weeks later. We lined up a visit in Seattle but they cancelled. That same day we got an $12000 offer from someone in Idaho. We also had serious interest from someone in Sacramento and lined up a video call. But the one who made it happen was Jayson in New-Orleans. After texting a few times and telling him about the other people interested he thought it through but not really: he was in love with the van and in order to not miss on it he told us he’d pay our price and would fly out on the next monday. He didn’t lie, he came with the pile of cash, tried the van and was excited to buy it. Next day we packed, did the transaction, gave him the keys and cried in the hotel lobby. It was hard saying goodbye to Sully, but we got lucky to sell him at a good price and to someone who wants to care for it and keep it in its original condition. He’s now in good hands and it’s nice to know.

It took time to get a buyer but once we did it all happened fast!

  • Monday we clean the van, polish, paint, tidy it and show it to Jayson.
  • Tuesday we pack all our stuff (in the van because it was raining outside, tight), sell Sully, cry and organise the next days by booking everything.
  • Wednesday we have a second night in Seattle. During the day we properly pack all our stuff and go play some pinball.
  • Thursday we take a bus to Vancouver. We have to take two different buses that leave separately to avoid holding more than $10000 together = not declare it and be asked too many questions. In the evening we go see A Perfect Circle and then sleep in a hotel downtown.
  • Friday I fly out at 11.30 to Geneva with a stopover in Montreal. Ben flies out at 16.00 to Brisbane with a stopover in LA. We both didn’t tell our family to surprise them (and it worked).

The trip is over. It feels weird. What’s next? Even I don’t know.