In the Black Mountains

We leave Asheville to continue our drive on the Blue ridge parkway. After visiting the Folk art center displaying local crafts we walk up the Craggy dome for a 360° view of the Black Mountains. We stop at many overlooks on the parkway and drive all the way up Mount Mitchell, the highest peak East of the Mississippi River (2037m). Sullivan had no problem on the steep climb, he just struggles a bit more to ignite when we get higher. On mount Mitchell lies Elisha Mitchell who died while trying to verify the height of the mountain in 1857.
After lunch we indulge in a coffee break in Little Switzerland (population: 46). Talking about Switzerland, we met a couple from there, they have a big truck they travel with, like the ones you use on snow or sand. They shipped it from Switzerland, and they have been traveling the Americas since 2011! They looked like they were in their 60s, impressive!
After stopping at an orchard on the way, we end the day at Linville falls.
Then we stop at a campground for the night, yay!