In Cape Cod

We drive to the cape from Adamsville, RI, to Sandwich, MA. The funny-named town is cute and worth a short stroll. We then head to Chatham in the South-East corner of the cape, but Sully starts making a metallic noise on the highway. We seek advice from a mechanic there who checks it and sends us to someone close to our campground in Brewster, but he’s closed for the day. So next morning we get up early, do some roof painting and drop the van to the mechanic. We spend most of the day at a coffee shop while Sully is getting a new alternator (the metallic piece that was grinding isn’t available separately!). We finish the day working on more rust: on the wheels and the appliances. Next day we finally explore Cape Cod, from Chatham to Provincetown. I loved Chatham, it is a quaint town with beautiful houses. At the fishing pier we can watch fishermen unload their catch surrounded by seals. Provincetown at the tip of the cap is a gay and lesbian destination, it’s funky. In between we stopped at Marconi beach in the Cape Cod National Seashore where Guglielmo Marconi sent the first wireless transmission across the Atlantic, a Morse message, back in 1903.