In Calgary

I’ve looked at my book and in Google trips but they’re nothing interesting to do in Calgary. After we dropped the van to the mechanic to change the isolator (the last electrical part we needed to change) we take a bus to downtown.

We do the really know what to do or where to go and don’t feel like walking much cause it’s windy and cold. So we do what we do best, we go to a coffee shop. The occasion to work on our working holiday visa for Canada. We’re both in the pool of our country now. We need to wait to be drawn and invited to apply for the visa. Fingers crossed.

We get Sully back with its new isolator and are told the radiator is rotten and needs to be changed. I check the price of a radiator online and ask them how long it would take to change it. Somehow an hour and a half labour plus about $170 for the part adds up to $700. No thank you!