On top of the Rockies

Heading west from Denver is like heading for the sky. Sully feels the gravity and we feel light headed as we climb to the highest towns in the country. Old mining towns and ski resorts dot the Rockies and we stop through these:

  • Frisco: at 2766 m, it’s where I realised that unlike Sullivan, I’m not configured for high altitude: I feel exhausted, I’m puffed, and my head spins
  • Breckenridge: the old mining town successfully became a ski resort. We take the free gondola to the ski village (2926 m)
  • Fairplay (3034 m): another town born from the mining boom. Old buildings are preserved in South Park City. And yep, the South Park TV show is inspired from Fairplay.
  • Leadville (3094 m): a nice stop for a walk on the Main Street, the old saloon (1879) was worth a peak
  • Twin Lakes (2804 m): the tiny town lies next to the largest glacial lakes of Colorado
  • Independence (3300 m): a ghost mining town