In Redwoods National and State Parks

The Redwood Forest used to extend from Oregon to Big Sur, 2 million acres of ancient trees were covering the coast. Logging began in 1850 and by 1980 95% of the old-growth redwood forest had been logged. Today 4,7% is preserved in public lands and 1% is privately owned and managed.

There are three distinct redwoods species: the Dawn redwood (Central China), the Giant Sequoia (Sierra Nevada), and the Coast Redwood (northern California coast). While the Giant Sequoia is the biggest tree, the Coast Redwood is the tallest. The record is held by Hyperion, discovered in 2006, it measures 115 meters high, it’s higher than Big Ben! Its location is kept secret.A healthy 20 year-old Redwood measures 15 meters in average. We see old-growth trees during our walks, they live up to 2000 years old. The forest is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen with a floor covered in ferns, it’s lush and it reminded me of New Zealand.