In Portland

Portland won my heart. The city is a liberal hub of creative minds and warm souls. Coffee shops, breweries, food trucks, design stores, live music, bike lanes and trees, trees everywhere. The city has no landmark, trees are the landmark. Portland also has strip clubs, so many that the city is the “strip club Capital of America” with 9 clubs per 100,000 people. I guess with one meter of rain per year residents found ways to entertain themselves indoor. We visited various neighborhoods, they all have the items listed above but slightly different atmosphere: vibrant, cozy, hipster, nerdy, artsy… the city feels young but as soon as we travel all the beautiful residencial streets we know that this is heaven for all ages. It’s a matter of taste of course, but no one could dislike the relaxed vibe, here no one judges and everyone is welcome (I guess that’s why there’s lots of homeless…).

After two days in Portland, we traveled east to the Columbia River gorge to see Multnomah falls and more. It’s a 30 minute drive from downtown, but we didn’t know all the points of interest in the gorge were closed due to recent wildfires, we only saw a salmon hatchery! So we drove back to Portland to see Nob Hill, another great suburb in posh version. I wanna live here.