In Canyonlands National Park

The name describes it, Canyonlands offers tons of views on different canyons. All the viewpoints and walks are from the top of a canyon rim, and from there we can see other canyons sculpted by the Colorado River and the Green River. In this park I see some of the best vistas so far on this all trip: the Green River overlook and the Grand View Point. The first one is my favorite, while the second one offered 360° views on both rivers and their canyons. There’s also the Upheaval Dome, a canyon with unique geological upheavals, it is likely to be the crater from a meteorite impact.

I’ve read a couple of times the advice to go see the sunset in Dead Horse Point State Park, so after our day at Canyonlands we head there. The name of the park has a sad story to it. Cowboys were using the point of the rim to gather mustangs, they would put fences at the narrow neck of land before the point to create a corral. They would then choose the horses they wanted, but for some unknown reason they left all the other ones locked in the corral. Without any water, the horses died of thirst…

The view from the point is stunning, but there’s some Potassium Chloride pools on the way. We also noticed the big oil wells just outside of the park. Hopefully the Trump administration won’t touch the protected parks.