In Natural Bridges National Monument

Natural bridges are different from arches, they are formed by the erosive action of water whereas arches are formed by frost action and seeping moisture. Picture a river meandering a canyon, the water flows against the wall as it turns, it then comes back around and takes another turn, flowing against the other side of the wall. That’s how a natural bridge is formed, the river then takes the shorter course and flows directly under the bridge.

We visit the park at sunset and again the next morning. The place has been named the first International Dark Sky Park, it is apparently the “darkest night sky in North America” (but I’m sure they mean the US, excluding Alaska). At 9.30 we go sit and watch the stars, and it’s pretty dark, but not that dark. The horizon is lighter all around, I’m guessing light pollution goes far? Last time I watched the stars was in the desert in Australia, and that was next level dark. We still got treated to the best shooting star we’ve ever seen, a really long and clear one with a visible trail. I also got to do some ok pictures of the milky way and included Sully in it.