In Kings Canyon National Park

North of Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park encompasses the canyon itself but also a Sequoia grove: Grand Grove. Going down the canyon is a really pleasurable drive. This part of the park is quiet because the season and the weekend are over. We don’t see many people but we see a black bear while walking around the meadows of the canyon. In the Sequoia grove we see more of the giants, including General Grant tree, the Sequoia with the biggest circumference. It’s been named the official nation’s Christmas tree. It’s also been named a national shrine honoring the ones who fought for the country. We walk in an area that has been logged before it was protected, it’s a cemetery of enormous stumps, none of the monarch trees (the last stage of growth) remain. One of them has been cut in 1891 to expose a section of the trunk at the New York natural history museum (still there today). Two men spent 13 days sawing the 1350 years-old tree!