In Yosemite National Park

The famous Yosemite! In fact, famous to me because of the Mac OS Yosemite and El Capitan: the Apple wallpapers are stunning. Unfortunately the canyon is stunning but the south rim is burning and the smoke is quite thick. There’s also smoke from the North California fires. Nonetheless, Yosemite is unique and a beautiful new discovery. The canyon walls are a series of granite domes (El Capitan is one of them). There are several waterfalls which tells us the place would be best to visit in spring. We walk up to Vernal falls then Nevada falls, a 11 km loop with 740m elevation. When we reach the top of Nevada falls I totally forget how tired my legs are and I just breath in -but not too much- the view. Next day we go to Galcier Point, up Sentinel Dome (2476m) and along Taft point to get views of the park from the top. After a cold night in the High Sierra (0° inside, -6° outside) we drive the north side of the park and walk in Tuolumne Meadows. As we leave the park heading East the granite domes are replaced by Alpine peaks.